It’s no surprise that life gets in the way sometimes. Balancing work and life can be quite the task sometimes. Especially at our age, we forget the important things while managing work, friends, family, relationships, school, etc. I consider myself to be very lucky when it comes to people I have met and connected with over the years. Being only 21, I have been blessed to meet some of the most important people in my life. Boyfriends, friends, best friends. The sad thing about it all is that I have lost touch with so many of these “friends.”

I think about them from time to time. Certain things or places remind me of a person or bring back a certain memory. And whenever one of these “friends” cross my mind I always say to myself –

I wonder how she is doing…

I should congratulate her on her engagement

I wonder how her parents are doing

Actions speak louder than words.

Just like everybody else my age, I am working my butt off. Forget a 9-5. I’m doing an 8-7. I get so busy and caught up in life. Hold on to your close friends. Take time out of your busy week to get a coffee for an hour with an old friend. Focus on your relationship. Don’t stress over work, or school or anything super exhausting. Make an effort for those who you connect with. For some reason, we always manage to put off seeing someone who is trying to meet up with us.  I don’t know about you guys, but I find myself always having to take a rain check on just an hour of my time going to get a coffee with an old friend.

We all have the same excuses:

I don’t have time.

I’m too busy.

I forgot.

I’ll do it tomorrow!

(These are my top 5)

Here’s a tip: Plan only a few days in advice – and I mean 1-2 days only.  This way, you know what you’re schedule is like and even better – you won’t forget!

Find an hour out of your week to go to Starbucks or grab a drink with an old or new friend.  And even more, show them that you’re thinking of them.  Here’s an idea, take one of these photos and post on any social media platform that you can either send to someone you really miss but haven’t had the chance or opportunity to talk to in a while. You can choose to send it to someone or a group of people, post it and tag everyone you miss. Take a second and do it now!


Trust me – it’s important to stay in touch.  If you need some ideas for some cool “hotspots” in Toronto, where you could catch up with a friend, check out these two links:

El Furniture Warehouse:

Yellow Cup Cafe:


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