5 Things You Learn In College OUTSIDE The Classroom

Correy Nuttall is an aspiring (this is where I’d put my dream job title, but I’m still working on that) who is currently an Advertising and Marketing Communications Student.

 October 2nd, 2015 at 11:40am

You are now officially morphing into adult hood, welcome.

Let’s be honest, there really is nothing quite like college and the way that it just so perfectly meshes together scholarships, mischief and adventure.

It’s by far one of the most important times in your adolescent life that can dramatically impact you for many years to come.

You can learn a lot online about mentally preparing yourself on what to expect during college. Here is a link that has just a few examples: http://blog.frontrange.edu/2012/08/06/6-tips-to-get-you-mentally-prepared-for-college/

College to some is perceived to be a “right of passage” that is much more than simply receiving an education. And for others, it’s the best party years of your life. You can decide on one thing to study, then the next have a completely different outlook on everything. It happens!

I think more than anything, college is a 4 year long lesson on finding yourself.

The strange thing is, you learn most of this outside of the classroom, away from professors, textbooks and lectures.

Now I’ll tell you 5 things I’ve learned in college so far:


  1. You Have To Clean Up Your Own Mess

You no longer have your parents cleaning up your milk glass from breakfast, or picking up your dirty socks and washing them for you. When you enter college, you’re truly on your own for the first time.

You learn to take full responsibility for your own problems and mess. If you come home and there are dishes in the sink and you get mad, I can almost guarantee that those dishes are probably yours. I come home sometimes to the pan still dirty on the stove from breakfast, but I can’t get angry and anyone but myself.

You learn to stop making up so many excuses, it helps you step back and realize that your life is entirely up to you at this point.

  1. Never Take Home-Cooked Meals For Granted!!!

Whether you’re living in residence or off-campus, nothing beats a home-cooked meal. Hands down. You’ll love the Kraft Dinner and Ramen noodle lifestyle for a couple months, tastes like freedom. After a while, it doesn’t taste as great as you once thought it did. There’s more to life than microwaveable food.

Here is a site I use quite often to find quick and easy recipes for our college budget: http://www.college-cooking.com

  1. It’ll Start To Feel Like Home

Feeling homesick is completely normal when you first move out and into college. You’ve just left the house you’ve been in for most of your life, to some small little apartment in the city. It’s a huge transition.

For me, I live in a big one-bedroom apartment by myself. Sometimes it can get rather lonely not having someone around all the time, but it’s also a lot of fun to not have a curfew, bedtime, you can watch a movie at 4am in the living room. So after a while, my empty one-bedroom apartment started to feel like home.

Overtime, the friends you’ve made and the campus you’re at will all begin to feel like home to you eventually. I’ve learned that “home” necessarily doesn’t mean a place; it’s a feeling.

  1. Just Because You’re Best Friends, Doesn’t Mean You’ll Be Great Roommates

There’s a huge difference between enjoying someone’s company and actually being able to tolerate physically LIVING with that person. Girls definitely have this problem more than guys. Just because you’re those inseparable, best friends, drinking buddies or lovers — doesn’t mean you should hop on getting an apartment together.

Last year, a couple of my friends and I on residence wanted to get an apartment together. I looked for months trying to find us the perfect place. But during those months, we started arguing over little things and we just weren’t agreeing on anything. So even though we’re all good friends, we realized living together would’ve ruined our friendships.

So we went our separate ways, accommodation wise at least.

It has the potential to be disastrous and could possibly ruin the friendship all together. It doesn’t just teach you how other people live, but you also learn a lot of little quirks about yourself as well. No one is perfect!

  1. Carpe Diem

College teaches you to seize the moment for what it is. Yes you spend a huge majority of college thinking and preparing for the future, but you also learn to embrace change, go on super cool adventures, make mistakes and learn from them, and take risks! Not everyday is promised, so go forth and seize the moment — take a break from the future.



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