Is Kanye West a trend that will end?

By: Justin Leonardo-Cruz a student from Humber College and studying Advertising and marketing communication.   

People can both love him and hate him, but Kanye West Could be one of the those icons who people like me will look up to for years upon years to come. As a student sometimes I want to inspire other people the same way Kanye West does. If there was anybody I would choose to end up like in my future it would be Mr. West himself.

One of the most trending events that happened in NYFW 2015 (New York Fashion Week) was the first ever New York fashion show for Givenchy and the debut of the new Yeezy Season 2 collection. Both became a trending topic due to one person and that person was Mr. West himself. Before the Givenchy show started, outside was a star studded event that got people talking. Some of the celebrity that show up to the event were people like Amanda Seyfried and Julia Roberts, to David Copperfield, and many more. But the biggest surprise that happen before the show even started was Kanye West but not because he  was there, but because something a lot of people do not care about. Kanye started trending on some social media sites because what he was wearing on his feet, which would be a new colour way for his Yeezy 750 boosts silhouette (which is up above), a sneaker that is highly wanted by many people in the sneaker community. The impact of him wearing this shoe alone created a buzz on Twitter with one of the most common tweets at that moment and also created a buzz on blogs that deal with fashion or sneakers or even both. Kanye again became a trending topic when he showed off his new collection of pieces during his own show, which was called Yeezy Season 2. Here he showed off his he collection, which included the sneakers he wore at the Givenchy fashion show. These two show alone, created a social media impact that got to the youth alone.

With all this that happen that week, one question still seems to be on some people’s mind which would be why? Why do people still care about Kanye even though he did some things in the past that may have look bad on him? The answer to that is because a lot people to me care more for what he stands for as a person. Kanye West was someone that was just like me someone who loves fashion but couldn’t afford it because their was little money to spend, while the money that he had went to priorities like taking care of his mother and paying for rent. When you look at Kanye West a lot of people see him as a guy with a big head or a person with a big ego. Other people may look at him as a Hip-Hop figure who started a generation of new artist. When it all comes down to it I see him as a person with an idea, but the idea he has is the idea no one wants to listen to. This is reason for me why if you see him at a concert, he will always have a so called rant, but in reality it’s him releasing all the frustration he has bottled up inside of him. So as student thinking about the impacted has on me, it may seem that a figure like kanye is a great person to look up to because kanye is not about the drama, but more about taking care of himself and the people around him, while following vision that you always had in mind and always wanted to pursue. When it came to thinking about if Kanye West would be a trend that will end, its depends on what you think. If you think in 5 to 10 years Kanye will go away, I don’t think so. The reason for that would be because Kanye has been around in music since his first album The College Dropout that release around 2004. To this day he is still making great music. Whatever Kanye wants to do Kanye can do it because he will put in the work and the concentration to be the best at it. But is he going to end this run soon?




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