What keeps you sane?

It’s a busy time right? You wake up, you go to school, and you come home, you maybe even go to work at your part time job. Some how you still have to manage a social life with your friends and of course studying. I find music to be the most effective way for me to stay sane at this point in my life. Music keeps me on track, I task while I listen to songs, I download playlists that help me study and even write music to help me study. Every student should find their “sane place” through their own method of madness. Finding what makes you happy is an important part of being a student. I have always turned to music; in good times and bad times. Ironically enough, even the craziest of club anthems can relax me. It’s something about the way the beat drops and the lyrics flow in EDM music that puts my mind at ease. Weird right? You’d think that listening to something calm and mellow would relax me, but it’s the total opposite.


I’d like to think of my classes sometimes as different genres of music, if that makes sense. My social media class is like pop music, because it’s current and ever changing just like social media, always something new. My marketing class is like Rap Music, condensed with information and if you don’t listen carefully you can miss a lot of the important stuff. My media planning class is like classical music, low and slow but the foundation of everything you need to know about an advertising agency. The list can go on, but you get the point.

What makes you happy? Have you ever asked yourself that? Being a student, having a healthy work/life balance and still remaining a wholesome person is what I strive for. The end of this semester means the start of a new chapter for most of us ADMC students. Some of us will find jobs in our fields, some of us will decided to study something else and some of us will just continue leading their normal life, same job, same friends. It’s all about what makes us happy.

As the ADMC student ambassador I am here to tell you to DO YOU! Do what makes you happy, take risks, and try new things. Don’t let your fears get in the way of your goals; don’t let others determine your destiny. Be the person you want to be! Now ask yourself, “what keeps me sane?”


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