Healthy student lifestyle

         A healthy lifestyle, this is the beckoning to my generation of students. Everyone seems to be saying they have a healthy lifestyle as a student but they don’t show it. That’s where I come in. I’m going to let you in on how to still be social and eat and drink what you want and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Are you willing to do what it takes to live that healthy student lifestyle?

          The right food, everyone knows as a student is the hardest part about living a healthy lifestyle.  Being able to afford the healthy food to meet the needs of that lifestyle is difficult. Healthier foods cost more than a lot of the processed foods you can get in a grocery store. My suggestion is buy in bulk, for dinner buy packs of chicken and meat, cut them down into portions for dinner or lunch each day. This will allow you to stretch out your dollar. Fruit and vegetables are the hardest to buy because even though they are not too expensive, they go bad very quickly, I suggest buying frozen fruit and vegetables. This will allow you to eat healthy but not worry about the foods going bad.

         Breakfast is a common forgotten meal through college students, this is because most of us either wake up too late that we aren’t hungry until lunch or dinner, or we are so busy that we forget to eat all together. It is the most pivotal meal of the day, I suggest setting a reminder on your phone or laptop, reminding you to eat a healthy breakfast. My favorites range from a bowl of raisin brand with a banana, too peanut butter toast and an apple. It is always important to eat a fruit and have some protein in your morning meal, these give you the vitamins that will help you go throughout the day and be able to function in class.

         Fitness is the biggest aspect! you can eat healthy, but if you  want that summer bod you have to put in a lot of work in the weight room. That being said a lot of people don’t know how too properly workout, they think that going for a twenty minute run is enough exercise to lead to their target goals. I recommend mixing cardio with muscle training, this will keep your body fit and ready for anything and all it takes is an hour a day.  Start off with a twenty minute run, and then pick one muscle to do each day so arms, or legs or back…etc. This will allow you too sweat out any junk you’ve had while gaining and sustaining the muscle for that day.

        Positive attitude is the final component to maintain if you want to live that healthy student lifestyle. I say positive attitude because being a Student especially one that wants to take care of themselves and watch what they eat is hard. Classes bog you down and stress you out, when people are stressed or sad about bad marks or their work load, they tend to eat a lot more junk. That’s why using the gym as a scape goat from stress is a big thing, the gym is a place where you can resolve anger by working your body and getting your mind off the thing stressing you out. This will help you maintain that positive attitude needed to succeed in living a healthy lifestyle.

      Remind yourself of your goals on eating healthy and working out, so when you get down remember to push yourself. Goals are set to be achieved, anyone can have a healthy lifestyle all you need to do is be willing to put in the work to achieve it. Being a healthy student is something to be proud of because not many can pull it off. So go out there hit the gym and start eating your fruit and vegetables, because one day you will be able to tell yourself you are living a healthy student lifestyle too. So let me ask again is the healthy student lifestyle for you?


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