tumblr_inline_nv8og5sG1k1r105dn_1280Who am I?
I am a fashion lover, photography lover, an advertising student, and your DO’s and DON’T GIRL!

SO BEWARE STUDENT FASHIONISTAS! It’s back another collaboration with H&M and this time its H&M X BALMAIN, are you ready to get the best bang for buck?

A lot has happened in 2014, Fashion is very much the same and if you’re not attentive, it seems that within a split second everything has changed and you’re left crying into your granola and thinking that plaid shirts tied around waists are still cool. (FYI sometime they can be but sometimes they’re not) last year in 2014, it was the year-solidified fashion’s fixation with gym wears. If you’ve ever glanced at a magazine or went on social media, there was a trend that still today remains constant, the comfort of body gym apparel, fused with the high-end luxury. For example, Alexander Wang x H&M. Do you remember last year Alexander Wang collaborated with H&M to take his luxury brand and turn it into affordable prices for people who enjoy and love fashion, but using a interesting monochrome fabric that was not only sleek and futuristic, highly functional, making use of technical fabrics. His campaign consisted of Rihanna walking up and down the streets of New York in his looks (mind you no one looks as good as Rihanna in workout clothes, hello @BADGALRIRI!!)

So why is it back, and who is target for this #HMBALMAINATION this fall? It’s fashion lovers and students. They chose models that everyone would know not only because they’re his friends but because of their great social media presence. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, etc The campaign went viral early this summer taking over all high-end social media accounts the hash tag #HMBALMANATION even was trending for quite some while building up the excitement for this fall.

I’m sorry to say, but I got the inside scoop and what I heard wont please any of you.

1.)It wont be affordable at all-Beautiful pieces that you see your lovely models wearing can range up to $400, news flash Balmain we are trying to ball on a budget here!

2.) Copied Balmains main line- Oliver Rousting, didn’t really change up his designs to collaborate with H&M, all he did was change some colors here and there add a necklace here and there and boom! “A new line” I rather Wang do another collab who actually tries to involve a different demographic and make clothing for us not just switch up some colors for fall.

3.)Not everyone looks like Kendall Jenner- Some of the pieces in his line are dresses and skirts made from that monochrome fabric that everyone is currently using, but does that suit every body type? No not really! Great in a workout line cough, cough (Alexander Wangx H&M), but skirts and dresses and stuff! Come on Rousting you have fans all over the world who want some of these looks take into consideration what you’re making for next time!

I don’t know about any of you guys, but I rather sit this cold long line out in November! Save your money for something else guys (maybe rent).




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