How to Survive Your First College Party

You’ve finished high school; so now what? You’re off to college to make your parents proud, meet the love of your life, and spend thousands of dollars on crazy experiences that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

You know what I mean… those late Friday nights at the bar because you’re finally legal drinking age. That’s right, I’m talking about COLLEGE PARTIES.


One thing you need to know is that college parties aren’t like high school parties. Sure, there’s the random square kid that just started drinking and doesn’t know how to handle his alcohol, but other than that, everyone should have changed since high school.

So if you’re someone who likes to get out there and get your drink on (or someone who’s looking to try their first shooter)… you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 10 major steps to surviving your first college party.

  1. H2O
    You’re going to get drunk, that’s a given. The best thing for your stomach (and that projectile vomit) is the most-needed liquid of the holy hangover – water.
  2. Sleeping Arrangements
    Talk to a reliable friend about where you can crash after the party. Don’t be one of those awkward guests that linger around when everyone else is gone.awkward
  3. BYOB
    Unless otherwise stated, most parties will require you to bring-your-own-booze. People don’t like a mooch. If you’re planning on bringing beer, here’s a list of the best beer menus in Toronto.giphy
  4. Always Eat
    Don’t party on an empty stomach. Eating beforehand will prevent hangovers, barfing, and awkward growling later on. elf-eating
    Doesn’t everybody love acronyms? “Beer-before-liquor, never-been-sicker” needs to be your “go-to” when remembering what order to drink your alcohol. sheldon-i-want-grilled-cheese
  6. Be Visible
    I’m sure you’re just dying to take an awesome “party selfie” with all of your new and drunk friends, but in order to do that, you need to socialize. Get out there and strike up a good conversation with some interesting people.tumblr_inline_nfkd5aIbCr1r79k32
  7. Know Your Limit
    If you already know your limit than you’re in luck… you won’t be the first one with your head in the toilet bowl! If you don’t, then take it slow and click here to learn more about when you’ve “hit your limit”.tumblr_mapij8uuCJ1qbvxy3o1_250
  8. Bring a Friend
    Even if you do know other people going, the transition into party mode could go a lot smoother if you have a friend nearby. It’s basically like having a safety blanket from awkward conversations or navigation issues. tumblr_mov76edjfz1ql5yr7o1_500
  9. Don’t Mix Alcohol
    If for some reason you want to barf all over the place, then go ahead and mix your alcohol. But if you want to have a good time, stick with one type of liquor. That means if you’re having vodka, stick with vodka all night.tumblr_mzr80661kQ1skoh0fo1_500
  10. Plan a Ride Home
    Don’t drink and drive. Plan ahead to know a safe way home; whether that’s by taxi, bus, Uber, designated driver, etc.anigif_enhanced-26071-1413567277-9

Part of being a college student means being an adult and acting responsibly. Driving under the influence is illegal and should never be an option.

Uber is a great service if you live in the city. It’s cheaper than a taxi, more reliable than a bus and gets you home quicker than a subway. Most importantly, it’ll get you and everyone else safely from point A to point B. Consider taking a look into the Uber app for Android or iPhone.

For more information on Uber and it’s magnificent wonders…

For Android:

For iPhone:

Don’t worry; you’ll have an amazing time. Remember to have fun and stay safe. Oh, and welcome to college!


Do you have a good story from your first college party? Or maybe you’ve heard of one! Feel free to share your story in the comments below!


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