Life: A Delicate Balancing Act

Work Life Balance

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life” For many of us this happens on a daily basis, in today’s modern bustling society the thought of balancing ones’ life never comes to mind because of all the many different challenges in life.  It is often easier said than done when it comes to balancing home life vs their career life. If it is not balanced properly both work and home life can suffer irreversible consequences.

Recent studies have shown that one in four employee’s experience high levels of conflict between work and family life based on work to family interference. Highly stressful jobs and long work hours are just some of the reasons why balancing life and work proves to be a tough task, it not only hampers employees’ ability to harmonize work and family life but it can also lead to serious health risks which leads to poor choices e.g. smoking and drinking. It can also lead to weight gain and depression to name a few.

Health is just one aspect of an improper work life balance, the other major and most important aspect is being able to be there for your family. This is often the most important aspect because if it’s not balanced properly both spouses would face dire consequences such as divorce, the hard choice of who gets the children, and starting over new.

Another major aspect of improper work life balance is poor job performance and inefficient working habits. This usually happens when the employee is more focused on a distracting thought or task often associated with work or home. In situations like this what would be the best way for the employee to balance their career with their home/family life?  As the reader, which would you say is more important: poor job performance, health or both? And why did you choose the answer you chose.

Even though it seems that there’s no way to balance your work and family lives I can assure you there are easy and simple ways to achieve the perfect work life/ family balance. My personal routine in balancing work and family life includes: firstly prioritizing the things that are most important to you then focus on the least important. The second most important step is to don’t over work yourself. If you feel overworked you’ll lose focus on the task at hand and you will eventually feel overwhelmed. The third step is to respect the technology. When you’re at the dinner table there shouldn’t be any technology with you turn it off put it away, focus on your wife and kids, ask them about their day, show interest in them, you can always reply to that email after dinner or before going to bed. The fourth step includes making your boundaries clear and respecting them e.g. if you’re at home and you told your co-worker or boss not to email you when you’re at home or out of the office don’t reply to the email because you’ll be over stepping your own boundaries which shows you don’t respect yourself enough to have the perfect work life balance. Lastly think of creative ways with your partner that will help strengthen the family’s relationship as a whole. This can either include a family movie night, family games night etc.

In closing I would like to challenge you the reader to create the perfect work life family relationship balance. What are some steps you would like to add in order to create the perfect work life family relationship balance?


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