Looking Chic While Half Asleep

[A college fashion blog by Emma Williams]

[Blog entry #1]

We all know how it is. That time of year rolls around. You know, the one where those bikinis go on sale, Bath and Body Works is already putting out their new fall candle collection, and everyone is in Dollarama shopping for pens and notebooks because lets be real, Staples is overpriced. You find yourself squeezing out whatever is left of summer. You take that cheap motel beach trip you wanted to go on but couldn’t get the funds until now from that job at the coffee shop you worked at for all of two months. Then you finally get that dreaded email that it’s time to register for fall courses and suddenly, you’re half asleep on the westbound train to catch that 8 am class you took because you want the rest of the day to watch Netflix.

We’ve all been there. Especially half-way through the year and your go-to outfit is a decently clean pair of leggings and a varsity sweatshirt.

But, what if, just maybe, there was a way to actually look put together while sitting in a 3 hour lecture?

I certainly am one to admit that I too have submitted to the leggings, hoodie trend. I used to shop at Value Village like it was my day job. Halfway through the summer this year when I had a fat wallet and a daily mission for a trip to the mall after work in my camp uniform, something amazing happened to me. I had purchased a lovely new already raggedy flannel from Aritzia for 60 Canadian dollars. I plunked the bag in my room when I got home and suddenly thought, “Maybe buying that was a mistake”. I have never questioned buying a flannel in my life. I finally told myself that I’m done dressing like a teenager. It was time to grow up. A few days later I skipped right to the mall and tossed that flannel onto the counter in Aritzia. I swiped my card, slipped my purse onto my arm, and left. From that point onward, I was not going to buy any more graphic tees, sweaters with comedic phrases on them, or brightly coloured flannels (I can’t totally cut out flannels from my wardrobe, that’s impossible).

This blog will hopefully teach you how you too can look chic while heading to those early morning or late night classes no one wants to go to.

Falling for fall

Yes, I’m one of those girls who loves fall. Don’t lie, I know you are too. I can sense that pumpkin spice latte in your hand as you read this. For fall specifically, there are so many ways to look great while still being comfortable. One of my favourite looks is a wool oversized coat, heeled booties, loose top, jeggings and a blanket scarf (Figure 1). This look can be very comfortable when heading to school and while sitting in class, however still looks very high-end/ high-fashion. Hello Carrie Bradshaw.

If I’m not wearing booties in the fall, I’m wearing sneakers. I think there’s something good to be said about the athletic trend. I’m talking baseball hat, fitted sweatpants, and Nike’s.

A nice pair of neutral Nike Free Runs or Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are a great thing to pair with numerous outfits. I love wearing my Stan Smiths with a pair of light washed jeans that I’ve cuffed at the bottom. For some reason cuffing the jeans makes the shoes look more sophisticated and the outfit suddenly looks more put together. A top I would wear with that type of outfit would either be an oversized sweater or a loose short sleeved top. This dresses up the outfit by mixing “sporty” with “business casual”.

Also, pairing that same oversized coat I talked about earlier with a beanie as shown on the right makes the outfit even more chic.

These outfits allow you to look like you haven’t tried too hard, but you still know what you’re talking about when it comes to fashion.


Fall Clothing Essentials:                  

  1. Ankle boots with a short heel
  2. Adidas sneakers or Nikes
  3. Light wash skinny jeans
  4. Light wash boyfriend jeans
  5. Denim jacket
  6. High-waist black leggings
  7. Beanies
  8. Blanket scarves
  9. Oversized coat




Fig. 1 https://www.pinterest.com/pin/356488126732688096/

Fig. 2 http://www.whowhatwear.com/how-to-layer-fall-coat

Fig. 3 http://paintmeinthelandscape.blogspot.de/2014/02/outfit-on-comfort-and-practicalityblog.html?m=1


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