Reading week…Where are you?

Every night before I go to bed I look at the weather forecast and wonder what on earth am I going to wear because this weather is unpredictable. Don’t get me wrong I love fall weather! The warm cozy sweaters, the big comfy scarves and of course pumpkin spice lattes…Yes I know typical. But here in Canada fall weather doesn’t last that long and as soon as we know it we are wearing winter coats and boots. The thought of dragging my cold feet through wet snow trying to get to my class on time is making me exhausted. Yes even though it is only the second month of school I need a break… Yes I think we all need a break don’t we? Have you even thought about doing anything on reading week? A lot of people don’t realize that sometimes we need to distress from our daily routines and crazy schedules. We become so overwhelmed with trying get those to do lists done before the day has zoomed by.

I came across an article in the ‘Globe and Mail’ that talked Canadian students mental health and the concern of high stress levels. The survey was done on 30,000 students and 90 percent of them said they felt overwhelmed. When I read this article I became alarmed that so many students are feeling this way. Even though many of us don’t have to think about a mortgage to pay for or to feed other mouths, however now a days a lot of students are the ones that have families to take care of and bills to pay. If you would like to read more about this article here is the link:

So this is when I ask… Reading week where are you? Yes it is only seven days but what the heck I will take it. Try and think of something you love to do that makes you happy. It could be anything! If laying down wrapped up in a blanket with a warm bowl of popcorn sitting next to you, while your watching the whole season of House of Cards then do it! Many people don’t plan on going anywhere for reading week because lets be honest most of us are broke and that is why last year I worked like a crazy person that week. However, it wasn’t really worth it because I was still miserable. I needed to remove myself from my daily routine and not think about any responsibilities. So that is why this year I am deciding to save up my money, buy a plane ticket, and plant my behind on a sandy beach with the sun beaming down on my face.

So if you are thinking what I am thinking and wanting to get on that plane, we need money first! When I came up with this idea I immediately grabbed a mason jar and created my own little vacation fund. I took it upon myself to put extra money in the jar like spare change and every month to put at least 50 dollars in there as well. Here is a picture of my jar and is slowly but surely being filled up.


So there we have our budget started but now where do we look for actual deals? There are so many websites that you can book your vacation from or you can go to a travel agent.  Most of the time I use the websites to book my vacations but I have gone to a travel agent. She was really helpful and gave great tips on where the hottest spots were! Totally up to you and whatever you feel comfortable with. If you are booking your vacation online use these and I have found good deals in the past from these websites. BE AWARE that sometimes the time of year can affect the prices as well as the day you want to leave. Summer, March Break and Christmas time is the most expensive! Since my reading week is in February prices probably won’t be that high.  Now that I told you some tips to get you going, pick where you would like to go and how much you are willing to spend. The most important thing is that you don’t break your bank and that you have fun! Try and get a group of your friends to go.Trust me it will be all that you’re talking about when you get back. If you end up going away, please feel free to share your vacation memories with me! Ouu, I almost forgot if you come across any useful tips feel free to share. Safe travels everyone and be sure to let me know what you have planned.

Thank you for reading stay tuned for more!


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