The Pressure Of Having a Perfect Body

University and college can be so stressful with all of the homework and pressure that is put on you to choose who you want to be and what path you want to spend the rest of your life on. You have between five and eight classes, and have to balance your time for homework alone. On top of all of the homework, you also have to make time for your social life and your family. You have friends who want to get together to study or not to study, and go out on the weekends. This can be very stressful for someone in their late teens or early twenties, however it is apparently not enough. Apparently, you also have to have the perfect body. Am I the only one feeling this pressure?

Social media as well as magazines are causing unnecessary stress for students of both genders by pressuring them to be “skinny” and to have the best body. This extra stress is causing unhealthy toxins in their bodies, which is not good for their health. There are so many media vehicles that are convincing girls and women that to be beautiful they must be skinny. The trend of protruding collarbones and thigh gaps are taking over the Internet. Many commercials that I have seen on T.V. are about new health foods that will help you lose weight. I see, advertisements for new health products and gyms all over Facebook which puts the idea of needing to eat healthy and workout more prominent in my mind and I imagine everyone else on Facebook has too. Now I’m not saying that eating healthy is a bad thing, because eating well is extremely important to good health. What I’m saying is that the pressure to only eat certain foods and in tiny amounts is causing dangerous eating and eating disorders. On Instagram and twitter, there are celebrities and famous social media icons who are often are very attractive and like to post all over social media how they got in the shape they are and what they eat.

Having all of these ideas put into your brain every time you turn the television on or check your phone, or go on your computer is putting unhealthy ideas of body image into girls’ minds. The idea of these “perfect bodies” is girls with carved abs, the perfect bubbly back and front side, and collarbones that stick out of your chest. These women and girls who post these “perfect body” pictures often have an extremely low body fat percentage. Young women are trying to look like these girls and going through dangerous measures to look the exact same. I have found so many websites that talk about how you can loose weight and what your body weight should be. The website is a great example of this. These are extremely inaccurate as everybody has a different body type. No one is the same, which means that certain workouts and diets will not work for everyone

The article “Constructed Beauty and Our Obsession With Image” by Anna Hosain ( is an excellent article on why girls as young as 10 are not happy with their self-image and are already trying to change it. Girls, including myself are exposed so much to all of the body images of people in the media and it changes the way you think about your life. It changes your happiness and it causes you to subconsciously become less happy and fall into the routine of following these trends that are not good for your health. I was one of these people and still am. I know how bad this extra stress is on my body; however it is imprinted in my brain that I am “too big” or “too chunky” to be beautiful. I am an excellent example of someone who wants to feel beautiful in her skin, but can’t because of the social pressures of being “perfect.”


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