What if I told you that school could be fun?

Your guide to what is going around on Campus, and why you should care.

Go to school. Go home. Repeat x5hsf sign

This is a formula that many students have down to a science.

When does the fun start? Either student’s are too shy, or they just aren’t aware of all that goes on around their school.

I used to be a victim of this vicious cycle, and I can tell you from first hand experience that it makes school appear very boring and dull. One thing that changed is that I started visiting the student center (K-Building) at Humber. A friend and I started frequenting the games room after our classes, and this changed things for me.

Games Room   Humber Students  FederationThe games room is an area downstairs equipped with pool tables, foosball tables, Xbox one consoles, and a lot of noise. It became almost a daily routine as my friend and I looked at each other after our classes were finished, the look that symbolized it was time to go to the games room. While we were in the K-Building, there always seemed to be something going on. Whether it was the games room packed with people downstairs, or random events like free tea day, free lunch, and free haircuts & massages, the student center seemed like the place to be. Also, the word FREE is the perfect motivator.

With all that being said, I want to share with you all some of my top reasons for getting involved around school!

#1. It gives school more meaning

You’re going to be going there almost 5 days a week, you may as well be enjoying yourself, don’t you think? Going to school for more than just a lecture everyday gives things more meaning, and obviously this isn’t as easy for people that live far away…but bare with me. Visit the Events page at Humberlife.com and it will keep you up to date with all that is going on around all 3 campuses. Or just take my approach and visit the K-Building after class, just to check out what may be happening.

#2. You never know who you’ll meet

I was lucky enough to land a position this year as an Events Assistant for the HSF. After working a handful of events, and speaking with numerous students, I can tell you that getting involved makes a difference. If this is your first year, the events at Humber provide endless opportunities to meet new people and create long-standing friendships. I have seen students come into an event such as Arcade Alley (Event held in L building with retro gaming machines such as Pacman and Streetfighter) alone, and leave with someone they met while playing classic Super Mario.

While we’re in college it is very important to network. Meeting new people, and making new connections that could further advance you in your prospective career or life in general. An event at Humber sets the stage for this kind of dialogue; they are fun in nature and provide students’ with an experience to talk about.

 #3. They are simply fun

 The most obvious reason to come to the events at Humber is that they are simply a lot of fun. The purpose of every event is to provide entertainment. Whether you are enjoying all you can eat tacos and watching the Leaf game, or taking a selfie with a Kangaroo on Animal Day. These events are intended to provide a fun experience for you, even if it is just for a little while.

#4. F-R-E-E

 As mentioned earlier, there is no greater motivator than something being free. You’re telling me that there are all you can eat tacos and a hockey game being streamed for free at Humber? You’re telling me that I can get a haircut and a massage for free in the same day? You’re telling me that I get to enjoy live music from other Humber talent, and food for free? The answer to all of those questions is a big fat Yes!


“We Are Humber” is more than just a slogan as cheesy as that sounds.

As students, and simply as people, we all want to belong to something. When you come out to an event at Humber, you walk in as an individual, and instantly become part of a community much bigger than yourself.

You have all the reasons in the world to come out to our next event, what’s stopping you now?

Dakarai Turner is a 2nd year student enrolled in the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at Humber. He is a newly joined member of the Humber Students’ Federation as an Events Assistant, and uses this platform to provide fun experiences for other Humber Students.


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