Why UBER is the best and worst thing that could happen to you.

Natasha Daurio  

Humber College – Advertising, Marketing, and Communications student  

 Picture this: You just got off work. You’re exhausted, but ready for a night out.


Your phone is blowing up with half ass plans from your greatest party friends. You’re mentally mapping out your route home. The LCBO closing hours are already tabbed on your phone and you’re praying there’s no unnecessary traffic on your way.

 After sorting out all your plans (making sure you and your best friend aren’t wearing the same body suit that you bought together). You have to think of the easiest, quickest and obviously the cheapest way to the club. Now tell me, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?… UBER


“Uber is an on-demand car service that allows you to request private drivers through applications for iPhone and Android devices. The service utilizes dispatch software to send the nearest driver to your location”

The best things about Uber are easy to talk about it so I’ll start out with the positive.

Uber makes you feel like a VIP when you’re not on a VIP budget. With a starting rate of $2.25.


Uber allows you to choose from four different types of regular rate cars.

Uber also allows you to choose two different types of black cars, (Lincoln Town car or Suburban SUV) which are a bit more expensive.


One of the amazing things about the Uber experience is the drivers.

Unlike many cab drivers who hate their jobs and are consistently rude and always looking to rip people such as my self off.

Uber drivers love what they do and it reflects in their work. Whenever I get into the Uber the driver pleasantly greets me and introduces him/her self. Depending on the driver some offer mints, water, a shoulder to cry on. What ever you need your uber driver is there for you.

My absolute favourite part about the amazing customer service Uber has is that the driver never judges you or just does it in silence when you’re in the back of their car gabbing to your friend about how stupid your ex is how you don’t feel hot in your outfit for the night.

Are you bad at remembering directions? Forgot the address? No need to worry. When letting the driver know your destination all you have to do is enter either the establishments name into the app or even just locate the spot on the map.

Now here comes the coolest part about riding in an Uber. You get to choose the music. From running through the 6 with your woes to riders on the storm. The AUX cord is yours.


Now that you’ve reached your destination here comes the cherry on top of it all. There is no direct cash transaction between you and your driver. You simply thank them for the ride and hop out.

Now that I have made Uber sound like the greatest thing ever let me tell you why it’s the worst. I’m sure most of you who use Uber will agree.


Uber is addictive! Once you get use to the easy accessible 10-15$ rides you’ll never want to take the ttc or cabs again. The convenience of having the app connected to your credit card is honestly the worst part. The out of sight out of mind philosophy really applies to this.

Uber has changed my life and wrecked my life.

I, Natasha Daurio am an Uber addict.

Questions for you readers out there: What do you think is the best and worst thing about Uber?

If you could have one celebrity be your Uber driver who would it be?


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