Top 5 Student Bars in Toronto for Cheap Eats and Drinks


An inside look at #QueenStWarehouse, one of our #Top5StudentBars in #Toronto for #CheapEatsandDrinks


Anthony Pazzano is a professional blog writer for “ADMC Zone,” in association with the Advertising and Marketing Communications program at Humber College. His main interest and focus is on Student Life: anything from “work/study habits” to “weekend nightlife.”

It’s Friday afternoon: you just finished your last class for the day, and you’re probably thinking, “Damn, I have that chemistry test on Monday worth 25% of my final mark. I better start studying tonight!” Yeah, right. The reality is: You don’t want to study, you want to party. But just like everyone else in your social group, you’re piss-poor. So the real question that pops into your mind is, “Where can I go tonight to have a good time with my buds and not completely annihilate my bank account?” Well, that’s why I have created this list of Top 5 ‘Cheap Eats and Drinks’ Student Bars in Toronto.

Let’s begin:

  • Sneaky Dee’s: 431 College Street (Little Italy)


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If you have an unhealthy craving for comfort Mexican food, then start your night at Sneaky Dee’s. This grungy Mexican bar and grill offers $3.50 bottles of Pilsner beer, and of course, their popular and giant bowls of delicious, fully-loaded nachos: they give you about 100 nachos piled with all the usual fixin’s – including generous portions of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole.


The nachos are a bit pricey (around $18-$22) if you order them with any meat but the portion of one bowl is big enough for 3-5 people (depending on how hungry you are), so you can easily split the cost with your friends – and share the deliciousness.

  • Nirvana: 434 College Street (Little Italy)


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When you first walk into Nirvana, you might get a little creeped out by its “hipster” ambience with the dim-lighting and extremely random selection of music in the background. But once you take a seat and have a glance at their fairly-priced drink menu, all your worries and doubts about this place will go away. All weekend long, they offer domestic and premium bottles of beer from $3.50 to $5.00. Their nachos, burgers, and fries are also to die for and you can probably have all three for around $15 – depending on if you get an additional toppings on the burgers or a side guacamole on the nachos.

  • Bistro 422: 422 College Street (Little Italy)


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This bar is well-known for their $9.73 pitchers of quality craft beer like Amsterdam Blonde, Steamwhistle, Amsterdam’s Two Fisted Stout, and their popular “homemade” lager (they brew it in the basement). Not a big beer drinker? Bistro 422 also offers 32 oz. mixed-drink pitchers for only $11.51 – the price for that anywhere else in Toronto would be almost triple the cost. I tried their Kool-Aid cocktail in one of those pitchers – which tastes like a liquefied strawberry Jello shot – and the taste was very satisfying. It’s really easy to have three drinks and an appetizer here when you’re under a $20-$25 budget for the night.

  • El Furniture Warehouse/Queen St. Warehouse: 410 Bloor Street W / 232 Queen Street W (The Annex / Queen West)


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I’m putting both El Furniture and Queen St. Warehouse in the same ranking because despite being in two completely different locations, the food and drinks menu are identical (it’s a chain bar). Before you even walk in, there’s a giant sign outside that promotes their “$4.95 Food, All Day, Every Day” special. And believe it or not, the price of the food does not reflect the quality of the food, at all.


If you order one of their several food options (anything from a pound of wings to a burger and fries to a bowl of Bacon Mac-n’-Cheese), you are given a tasty, meal-sized portion of whatever you choose to order, and the entrees will keep you filled up on food for most of the night.

  • The Red Room: 444 Spadina Avenue (Kensington-Chinatown)


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Everything offered in their food and drink menu is under $10, with all their bottles of beer priced at $4.50 each. Their food selection is delicious and diverse, as it includes anything from Burger and Fries to Chicken Chow Mein. It has that cozy, friendly environment that every student looks for when they want to just sit back and enjoy “food and brews” with their friends, after a long week of work and school.

That’s my list of the Top 5 ‘Cheap Eats and Drinks’ Student Bars in Toronto. There are plenty of other bars beyond this list that you can try on a constraint budget, and conveniently, most of them are located around the Little Italy and Annex communities – both are of walking distance from the Bathurst TTC station. What are your #Top5StudentBars in #Toronto for #CheapEatsandDrinks?

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