Nanny 911

Written by: Allysha Vandal

In every job that must be done there is an element of fun – Mary Poppins. ( Thats me! ) Super-cala-fragil-istic-expi-ali-docious!

My life is constantly Go-Go-Go and finding a balance is just plain hard. Monday to Friday is school, work, and work after work – It never stops! But helping some hip parents when they’re in a Jam is exactly what I’m here for… and apparently it’s hard to find someone as awesome as me to watch the kids.

It all started seven years ago when I was fifteen I started working with my mom at her Daycare of Lakeshore Community Childcare as a dishwasher. On my eighteenth birthday my boss called me into the office and asked if I wanted to in one of the rooms. With a smile my face of course I said yes and there is where the love of kids came from. I stayed around the daycare for as long as I could before I had to change it up.

In Summer of 2014 after battling a slew of personal issues,  I wanted to get back on my feet so I went out on a limb and posted a profile on Three days later I met what was soon to be a match made in heaven. I tell you, I am One lucky twenty-two year old student.  When “work” is being greeted by a puppy who is over-joyed to see you everyday it’s hard to complain but currently going on my second year with my second family I have finally worked out some sort of daily routine that works the best I could get it. Here’s a quick look at my day: 2:00pm feed/walk dog, 2:30 dishwasher/prep snack/first kid arrives home, 3:20pick second kid up, 345 – 415 electronic time for kids while having snacks, 4:30 starts:  homework, dinner prep, laundry, house chores, as well as prompt each child for evening activities. You can also add taxi service, personal shopper and overall saviour to the list but who’s counting – haha! but most importantly I try to guide the children to balance of doing what we need to do (i.e school work) in order to have our fun. Regardless of how many things I do in a day for them,  I love it. I aim to please and hate to disappoint – like most.

This is by far the one of the most active families I have ever met and it’s exactly why we “gel” so well. There’s a feeling of deep appreciation felt between the family and I that doesn’t leave my heart. I do try my best to make sure the kids are well fed, exercised and educated so that the most free time is spent with mom and dad instead of chores and homework. But if you were to ask my kids what we do each day the answer would most likely be something that is “totally epic” as they would say.

If you liked what you read – DONT STOP! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. At last I’ll end my post with these thoughts – How is it that families can spend this much time on the go? Don’t you want to be at home? Is that what family living in today’s society is? Go-Go-Go



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