Will the New AR Game “Pokemon Go” Live Up to the Hype?

Oliver (Shanna) Ryan is a student blogger currently attending Humber College for advertising and marketing communications


October 30th, 2015


Ever since the trailer dropped September 9th of this year everyone has been talking about Pokemon Go. For those of you who many not know yet, Pokemon Go is an AR, augmented reality, game that allows the player to “catch” Pokemon in the real world. This is done by purchasing the Pokemon Go app and exploring the outside world. Your phone will notify you when Pokemon are close by and you will have a chance to catch them. In addition to this you can trade and battle other players as if you were actually in the Pokemon universe. They plan to have large events for special Pokemon as well where many users can join up and work together to take down the legendary creatures. To go along with the app they are producing an accessory which will help tell the player when Pokemon are nearby.


The question is will this new addition to the Pokemon franchise live up to all this hype? We have seen it before where games are elevated to such a height that when they are finally released they become nothing more than a disappointment. Such a case is the example of Watch dogs that release within the last two years. The game was teased for so long and was shown to have so much potential that when it finally came out it was criticized because the expectations were so high and the game could not deliver.

Now don’t get me wrong I am also excited for the release of the Pokemon Go. I eagerly await to hear more information on the release date, which so far we only know as sometime 2016, and to hear more about the gameplay. How will this game interact with the world around us? How closely will this app simulate the feel of being in the Pokemon world and how will compare to our expectations of what an AR game should be like? All these questions I ask myself hoping that the company developing it, Niantic, will be able to deliver a game that meets all of our expectations. But this is a large task that will be hard to carry out.

With the amount of funding that is going in to this project and the people backing it up I believe that we will get a product worthy of the Pokemon community’ praise. You have large companies like google and even Nintendo backing Niantic up so far raising 20 million dollars for the project. That is a ridiculous amount of money for funding an app game so with this much money there shouldn’t be any lack of resources. Nintendo also has a history of only endorsing people or products they believe in. Even on YouTube you need to have an agreement with Nintendo in order to show any of their content or you will be hit with a copy right infringement. In addition to this Google is offering their assistance and with the large access they have with google maps and other such tools having a global reach with this product will be easily obtained.

There isn’t much yet to go off on to form a strong opinion yet on the soon to be release Pokemon Go but based on the resources and who is backing the project I believe we are in good hands. Now this might not be the next greatest thing to hit the gaming market but it will be a game changer. It’s the first of its kind to try this level of interactivity amongst its users and just what it brings to the Pokemon franchise is a step in the right direction. Now the question is will you be there on the release date ready to start your own Pokemon adventure? Are you ready to jump onto this hype train with me and see where it will take us?


For some more information of the product take a look at the official website:



And it you haven’t seen it yet take a look at the trailer:



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