High end or low end. Does it really matters?

When it comes to buying clothing the first thing we look at is the price of that item. We as a consumer will often go buy a product that is on sale first, then a regular price. This is because we think we are getting a bargain on the item. But sometimes, that sale item is not really worth the price it is marked down as. I think that the prices on clothing do not really matter in a way, but a consumer, we should be looking at what we really need and invest on a product that can last a while.

We all know that a lot of the things we buy are coming from factories that are made in third world countries. Nike is well known for having sweatshops in China. We also know that Adidas has factories in India and in the Philippines. The reason is because it is easier and faster to make clothes there, and companies can produces a ton of products for a cheaper cost. This then creates the price of that product to be worth less or worth more compared to how much they charge for it. Either way, creating these products will still make revenue for that company. But the other side of this is the high-end side, which also have factories, but not like Nike or Adidas. On the high-end side, many companies have factories in places are that are not really known. Tom Ford is an example as his luxury items are being made in Italy. Not thru machines, but by the hand for example his line of shoes. With this the price of Tom Ford’s dress shoes are more expensive due to the craftsmanship and the leather material. You can have factories in any of these places and still make a fine product, but it is the quality and how the products look like.

The reason why Nike is one of the top brands in the world is because of the quality. They can make a lot of their sneakers and apparel, but the most important thing is the way they look. See what Nike does the best is creating a silhouette that tends to catch the eye of the consumer whether its catches the eye of the runner, a basketball player, or someone that is just looking for a casual everyday sneaker. Nike can catch your eye. Although there are some people who see a Nike products and thinks about the third world factories, and those people who are going thru difficult times, just to make this one product. We as a consumer might never know that, due to the fact that they keep their doors shut and lets no one in. These types of companies are rumored too that lots of their products cost much less than their markup price. An example of this is any pair of Retro Air Jordan sneakers. A lot of people say that it costs Nike / Air Jordan to make a sneaker for $5 but they mark it up and sell to consumer for $300, which ends up be a profit of $295. They tend to usually sell at a more expensive price.  That $5 people are saying maybe not just what the sneaker would cost altogether. That $5 maybe is the cost of the material for that one shoe, but we do not account for the price of making them through the factory and the time it takes to make that product. Sometimes the materials cost cheaper in a wholesale. If you were to buy the same materials and make it yourself you would still have a cheaper shoe, but one that does not cost $5 altogether.

There are also people who think that these high-end brands are not worth it due to their expensive prices.

Why would I buy something like a topcoat from Saint Laurent that is worth $5675 where I can go to Top man and get a similar one that is $178? Answers to that are quality and the fit. See Top Man has factories like Nike, but not to the extent of having a lots of people working for dirt-cheap. So Top Man still has get quality but not the same as a Saint Laurent might have. This is because Top Man creates their products quicker than Saint Laurent would have. With that in mind Saint Laurent still has a factory for their high-end brands, but tends to have less people working for them. High-end brands like Saint Laurent and Tom Ford tend to have different factories for different products. So that top coat from Saint Laurent is being checked well as to quality, which means they are always inspecting their products so that they all can be perfect. It’s the same thing with Tom Ford compared to an Aldo dress shoes one is made quickly and fast so that they can produce a lot and the other is hand made to perfection. With the way they are made this is the reason why we get those high prices.


At the end of the day we can look at different points and figure out what we should buy. To me everything is based on your budgets. Buying clothes should be one of the last things on your mind when it comes to your income. Use your money on essential items that you cannot go without. This means bills, food, or anything else. Through what I have seen, I think that you should have both. I believe that you should invest on some clothes like jeans or a jacket due to the fact that you can still wear it over time without worrying if it breaks. An example of this is buying a winter coat that may coast $500 like a Canadian Goose. Although the price is high, that jacket now becomes an investment that keeps you warm for the up and coming winters for years to come. With that in mind I think that buying a $70 plain white tees is expensive even if the quality is up there, because sometimes people do not even see it due to the fact that you only bought it for layering to keep you warm. A Wal-Mart white tee is fine, although it may shrink after one wash. But what do you expect you bought it for $10 that came in a pack of five. So what would you choose at the end of the day?



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