Well… it seems to be working

Class, driving, sports, video games, movies, bar nights, homework and little sleep; this list pretty much sums up the average college students week, in order of importance. What are the proper qualifications for a healthy student lifestyle? The answer is it depends on the student, everyone is different.

My habits may not be the greatest, but being a second year student at college I seem to be doing fine. It’s easy to get sidetracked during the week and save that assignment for the last minute, or end up staying awake a little too late and not get enough sleep. Balancing school and all the other things that occur in your life can be overwhelming at times; so I’ll just discuss things that I do and what I consume my time with throughout the week as an example for other students to potentially use to help them or to look at it as what to avoid doing.

Other than my weekly classes a large portion of my time during the week was commuting to school and playing rugby for Humber. I felt that my school week was completely consumed leaving no time for me to complete assignments let alone any free time to do what I wanted. As a direct result I wasn’t getting enough sleep. Driving to school this semester has been very frustrating at times especially with the early classes, some days it feels like all of my time was dedicated to driving. At the beginning of the semester I became a part of the Humber rugby team, which was amazing but it required me to dedicate a large portion of week. Practice was every day for an average of three hours, but it was at the north campus so every day I had rush there once I finished classes; it almost seemed that rugby was taking up more of my time than the classes were. On average I would be getting home around nine o-clocks at night, so if I wanted to get a good night’s rest I wasn’t left with much room to have some free time. There wasn’t much I could do about all the time is was spending dedicated to my weekly classes and athletics so the one thing I found that helped out tremendously was to plan my weeks thoroughly; this way I was able to effectively manage what I had to do so I could complete whatever I needed to get done, leave a little bit of time for leisure and most importantly (because you don’t want to be around me when I haven’t gotten enough rest) get a good amount of sleep.

Pass times are essential in my opinion, the reason being if you’re not able to do things you like throughout the week you become miserable. I would not necessarily have the time to get to do everything I wanted, but if I managed my time well enough I could still get a lot of things squeezed in throughout the week. There are many different outlets that are great when you have the free time, personally one of my favourites are video games. I think playing games is great because lying down and playing some Xbox after a long day is rewarding and relaxing. In my opinion it can be social time as well, going online allows you to talk and play with friends. As long as you can complete your school tasks with your busy student schedule always remember to leave some time for yourself.

It can be difficult at times to adjust to the student lifestyle so it is important to find what works for you to remove the potential of getting too stressed out. Extra stress is the last thing a student needs on top of the hectic school requirements throughout post-secondary education. So, do you feel that your student lifestyle is a healthy happy one?


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